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American Variations (orchestra version)

American Variations (orchestra version)


American Variations is a set of variations based on an original theme that is then realized in different American musical styles: jazz, ragtime, atonal, klezmer, and pop/rock-touch style. It was written for American clarinetist, Joshua Anderson. The overall structure depicts a metaphorical journey through different times in American history, in both macro and micro levels. Specifically, the third variation, subtitled “Strange, strange time”, focuses on the frustration and disappointment that Americans are currently experiencing in a fractured political and cultural climate. The piece ends with a variation subtitled “Coming True” in which the music depicts the power of the American Dream and resiliency of the human spirit to overcome differences in favor of unity and progress.


Digital downloads of PDF score & parts. Visit Spotify to hear the chamber version recording by Joshua Anderson and Four Corners Ensemble.

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